Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Thesis Statement Essay Example for Free

Thesis Statement Essay This essay is based on three films. One, â€Å" All that heaven allows†, which was directed by Douglas Sirk and made in 1955 in the USA. The Second is an animation film â€Å" Neighbours†, directed by Norman Mclauren and made in Canada in 1952 and the third is â€Å" Bicycle thieves†, directed by Victorio De Sica, and made in Italy in 1948. These films primarily deal with the human behaviour towards his own fellow humans. In different styles and settings, they unanimously point towards the animal instincts lying within each one of us. The human race, though pretending to be so civilized, learned and developed, is still no better than the animals of the jungle. Something is primarily wrong with the human race. The essay that follows will derive from the plots of each film, and try to justify that in each case, that each one of us, always wants to snatch away or attack on the freedom and facilities of our own fellow human beings. In this race, the might and the power wins. The polished world of today is still an uncivilized jungle, where the likes of Nigeria, Peru and Chilie are helpless cows and buffaloes, and USA and Britain are the Lions and Tigers. It will, derive from individual cases and argue that the same scenario exists in the international politics of today. Can USA live without poking its nose into the internal affairs of each and every other country of the so called third world? True independence of any nation or any individual simply does not exist, and that is what these films try to prove. On a broader scale, the discussion would also stretch to the loop holes of the two major faiths of this world, Christianity and Islam. When the religion itself promotes violence, how can ‘peaceful co-existence’ exist ? The cinematic brilliance of the three films will also be discussed.

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